Gerdan was  featured on the cover of Gomaco World Magazine for the work on the Bill Emerson
Memorial Bridge in Cape Girardeau .  Gomaco is the world leading manufacturer of paving equipment,
and its magazine is distributed world wide.  Click on the link below to view the article.

A Brief History
Gerdan Slipforming, Inc.
Gerry Driskell
Gerdan Slipforming was incorporated on June 1, 1990 with Mrs. Gerry
Driskell being the sole owner.  On August 18, 1999 , she was approved
by the Missouri Highway and Transportation Dept. as a certified DBE

The service that Gerdan Slipforming provides is slip forming safety
barrier curb on bridges, highway median barrier, and curb and gutter
on state and private projects.  Gerdan Slipforming was the first
company in the state of Missouri and Arkansas to offer this service to
bridge and highway contractors in the two states.

The company’s philosophy has always been to give our contractors a
quality product at a fair price, and we believe that is the reason Gerdan
has a repeat customer base of over 97%.  A few of the more well known
projects in Missouri that Gerdan has worked on are the Mark Twain
Memorial Bridge in Hannibal, Mo., Page Ave. extension over the
Missouri River in St. Charles, Mo., the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge in
Cape Girardeau, Mo., the Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir Rebuild Project,
and numerous smaller bridges in all ten districts in the state of