Barrier Wall

Gerdan Slipforming began slipforming median barrier back in 1994 on a project that included more than 4,300 LF of median barrier on a bridge spanning the Missouri River in Rocheport, Missouri. Since then, we have slipformed more than 420,000 LF of barrier wall on more than 130 different projects in multiple states.  We have the capabilities to slipform a variety of barrier wall profiles, including simple, symmetrical 32” tall jersey-shape median barriers all the way up to complex, variable height barrier walls with footings.  On Interstate 49 in Northwest Arkansas, we have slipformed variable height barrier walls that were as tall as 12’-10” from the bottom of our footing to the top of the barrier wall.  By ways of innovative engineering, we pride ourselves on finding new ways to enable slipforming even the most complex barrier walls, ultimately reducing time spent on the project and costs for our customers.

Pictured above is the finished variable height barrier wall that was as tall as 12’-10” from the bottom of the footing to the top of the barrier wall. This work was slipformed by Gerdan Slipforming on I-49 in Northwest Arkansas.

Pictured above is Gerdan Slipforming pouring a variable height barrier wall in Arkansas using our Gomaco 4400 which is being fed concrete by our Gomaco RTP-500. On this particular project we achieved production of more than 1,200 LF of variable height barrier wall in 7 hours during our nighttime operations.

On this project, Gerdan Slipforming furnished and tied more than 745,000 lbs of reinforcing steel for more than 15,000 LF of various types of barrier wall. We were then able to maximize the amount of footings and barrier wall that could be slipformed using some innovative ideas.

Pictured above, we completed a roadway barrier adjacent to an MSE wall along I-430 in Little Rock, Arkansas on this project in late 2017.

On this project on I-49 in Arkansas, we slipformed more than 6,500 LF of various types of barrier wall. The picture above shows us slipforming a 42” symmetrical sloped face median barrier.