Ditch Paving

In June of 2009, Gerdan Slipforming began work on our first project installing ditch paving that was a concrete mow strip for wire rope safety fence (high tension guard cable). On that first project on I-55 in Crittenden County, Arkansas, we installed more than 10 miles of ditch paving that was located in the center of the interstate median.  Since that time, we have slipformed more than 240 additional miles of ditch paving for wire rope safety fence on 29 different projects.  When we complete this work, we provide the labor, equipment, and materials to trim the subgrade, drill holes for the fence posts, slipform the ditch paving, install the fence post sleeves, and place any required reinforcing around the fence post sleeves.  This process proves to be labor and equipment intensive, however, we have the experienced personnel and specialized equipment to complete the project.

This ditch paving project was on I-55 in Mississippi County, Arkansas. We worked 2 shifts, 24 hours a day to expedite completion of the 8.75 miles of ditch paving on the project.

This picture shows the ditch paving work that was completed by Gerdan Slipforming. This project was on Rt. 63 near Jonesboro, Arkansas and more than 19 miles of ditch paving were installed.  After our work was completed, the general contractor on the project installed the wire rope safety fence and anchors at the end of each section of wire rope safety fence.

This picture shows the ditch paving we installed along I-530 near Little Rock, Arkansas.