Gerdan Culture

Thank you for considering employment!

Our mission is to provide our contractors with a quality product at a fair price.
The expertise and commitment of our employees are valuable assets in completing our mission.
Because of our employees, we see over 97% of our contractors returning to us for additional projects.

Gerdan core values:

  • Do it once.  Do it right.  Do it safely.
    • Quality and safety are very high priorities!
    • If you are self-motivated, teachable, and love attention to detail, you may be a good fit for our team.
  • Company of families.
    • We understand our employees have families at home who depend upon them.  At Gerdan, we pay very competitive wages.  Field employees work long, hard days but are compensated with overtime after 8 working hours or 40 working hours in a week (whichever comes first).
    • When needed, we provide lodging close to the job site to reduce unnecessary travel and worry of finding a hotel.
    • We work hard to have employees home with their families on weekends and holidays unless there would be an extreme deadline requiring additional work.
    • You value your family and so do we!
  • Look the part.  Act the Part.
    • Whether it is a clean job site, a polished truck, or a new t-shirt, we want our employees and equipment looking good.
    • We also want well trained employees who will do a professional job.
    • If you want to look the part and act the part, join the Gerdan team!
  • Succeed as One Team.
    • Everything we do is team based.  We are one company working together for a common goal.
    • We all do what it takes to do an outstanding job with great efficiency.
    • Personal ownership of everything produced by our team is imperative!
    • You might find a career with us, if you are team results oriented and don’t mind doing what it takes no matter who gets the credit.
  • Integrity.
    • Integrity is often defined as doing the right thing all the time no matter who is looking.
    • We want employees who take personal ownership in every situation.  This results in the team doing well and allows the company to share profits with our employees.
    • Do you have the integrity it takes to join Gerdan?

Employee Benefits:

  • Competitive wages
  • Annual performance evaluations
  • Medical, vision, and dental insurance
  • Vacation & Holiday pay
  • 401K plan
  • Performance bonuses / Profit sharing
  • Lodging (when needed)
  • Opportunity for advancement
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Drug-free work environment
  • Equal opportunity employer
We are seeking long-term employees who will enjoy the unique culture at Gerdan.  If you have what it takes, submit your employment application and resume to