What we do
We slipform safety barrier curb on bridges, highway median barrier, and curb and gutter on state and
private projects.

What is slipforming?
The continuous poured, continuously formed, or slipformed construction method is a concrete construction
technology that enables cast-in-place "flawless" (i.e. seamless) concrete members which have superior performance
characteristics to piecewise construction using discrete elements because of the polymerizing characteristics of
concrete .  
Slipforming was initially devised and utilized in the Interstate Highway building binge of the Eisenhower
administration during the 1950s. In the method, concrete is laid down, packed, worked, and settled in place while the
form itself, normally attached and part of a motive power producing machine which slowly 'slips it' along, moving it
slightly ahead of the newly packed material exiting its trailing end, the front of which forms a new box form ready for
more poured concrete with the fresh laid concrete closing the rear end of the moving slip form.
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