Specialized Slipforming Services in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas

Barrier Wall

Gerdan Slipforming began slipforming median barriers back in 1994, and today we have the capabilities to slipform a variety of barrier wall profiles, including simple, symmetrical 32” tall jersey-shape median barriers all the way up to complex, variable height barrier walls with footings. On Interstate 49 in Northwest Arkansas, we slipformed variable height barrier walls that were as tall as 12’-10” from the bottom of our footing to the top of the barrier wall. Utilizing innovative engineering practices, we pride ourselves on finding new ways to enable slipforming even the most complex barrier walls, ultimately reducing time spent on the project and costs for our customers.

Bridge Parapet

From the beginning, slipforming bridge parapet (bridge walls) has been at the core of our business and today that is no different. We have the capability to slipform various profiles of bridge parapets, including corral rail and retrofit bridge parapets on bridge rehabilitation projects. We have also been fortunate enough to be a part of several major bridge projects spanning the Mississippi River, Missouri River, White River, Arkansas River, Red River, Ouachita River, and Canadian River. Our bridge crews are very mobile and are always looking for ways to become more versatile to better serve our customers.

Ditch Paving

In 2009, Gerdan Slipforming began work on our first project installing ditch paving which was a concrete mow strip for a wire rope safety fence (high tension guard cable). Since that time, we have installed more than 250 miles of ditch paving on various projects. When we complete this work, we provide the labor, equipment, and materials to trim the subgrade, drill holes for the fence posts, slipform the ditch paving, install the fence post sleeves, and place any required reinforcing around the fence post sleeves. This process proves to be labor and equipment intensive, however, we have the experienced personnel and specialized equipment to complete the project efficiently.

Curb & Gutter

Much like bridge parapet, slipforming curbs and gutters has been a core service at Gerdan Slipforming since we started in 1990. With more than 1.1 million linear feet of curb and gutter slipformed, we have the experience and the equipment to slipform various profiles of curb and gutter on projects both large and small.

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